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Peru is a wonderland for family travel, especially with your own 4x4 vehicle.

Enjoying the ride with family travel
Dune Buggies at Ica
Why Peru Safari? We dont send you, we go with you

Our once in a lifetime adventure offers a real alternative to crowded tour buses, & boring excursions. Safe, fun, and enriching...embark on a true family adventure together.

We offer convenient school holiday dates and we don't charge any high season rates.

You get the same pricing 12 months a year as well as discounts for child places. Peru offers kids a world of bio diversity, amazing history, and an immersion into the rich culture and sights of this most vibrant of South American Countries.

Family Travel and local culture
peru family travel
On our tours, kids have little chance to get bored.

The drastic transitions from the desert, the mountains and the jungles are a full on travel experience, and the range of exciting activities we offer, make for a great chance to escape the rat race, and enjoy each other in a totally different environment. Our trips are relaxed, friendly and have a max of 8 guests per departure, with private tours available too.

Every family has its disagreements and likes/dislikes  (we know, we have our own teenage kids!). By having the independence of your own vehicle, you can travel as a private family unit, but still enjoy the services of our our friendly guides when needed.

Fun Kids activities and family travel
For Family Travel, its not just about the amazing scenery, wildlife, and archaeology though.

During our tours you can opt for the iconic train journey to Machu Picchu, to sand surf giant desert dunes, to take a high speed ride over the desert in a Dune Buggy, to abseil down a 200ft waterfall in the jungle, to swim rivers, to fly over the Nazca lines, take wildlife treks, ride horses, gather round a camp fire at night under the stars, learn Spanish, drive epic canyons, bathe in hot springs, and go into the worlds largest, and most remote rain forest, the incomparable Manu.

Horseback Riding
Local Kids on family travel
You can do Peru the conventional way. Internal flights, coach journeys and well organized tours of the ruins. Nothing wrong with that.

You can of course choose to do it a very different way. In your own expedition vehicle, on your own terms, with your own family, and a true adventure into the authentic Peru. Get off the tourist path, and meet the real characters and places that make Peru such an epic travel experience.

Fun Peru
Peru Adventures and family travel
Our vehicles are comfortable and spacious. We also have charging facilities in the vehicles for all the usual array of electronics and i pad mounts on the rear of each seat, not to mention blue tooth. To be honest though, these facilities are little used on most of our trips.

Peru is a great opportunity for a digital detox for you and your family. Some of the locations we visit do not have wi-fi and frankly are often the better for it. For example, why bury your head in a tablet and the internet, when you have the worlds deepest Gorge and the 21,000 ft Mount Salkantay in the garden at our Cachora Lodge with horses ready saddled to go explore. The smartphones and i Pads often get put away early in our trips and frequently don't appear again until the airport!

Family Travel Convoy in Peru
Explore Peru with kids
So don't just do Peru with your family, do it a different and wholly more rewarding way, with a Peru Safari Family Travel Overland Expedition, either on a group departure or a private tour, just for your family.
Andes with kids