My Peru Essentials

Take a look at your special Overland Vehicle Specs

Toyota in Peru

Peru Expedition Vehicles
  • 4 wheel drive Toyota 3.0 Diesel
  • Underbody steel protection
  • Uprated OME heavy duty lifted suspension
  • Safari snorkel
  • Rear canopy enclosure
  • ARB front sahara bumper
  • ARB rear bumper & step
  • Side steps
  • All terrain Maxxis tyres
  • LED Lazer light bars front + LED foglamps
  • LED work lights rear
  • USB charger 2
  • 12v sockets 2
  • Inverter to power laptops etc. 240v / UK plug.
  • Rear seat mount I pad holders 2
  • Field kitchen kit
  • Water Bottles
  • 2 Way Radio
  • Camp table / 4 chairs
  • LED work torch
  • Bluetooth compatible in car entertainment
  • First Aid Kit/Extinguisher/Emergency Oxygen Bottle

Our lead guide vehicle will travel with the convoy throughout the self drive trip, and will provide back up, communication services, and local liaison. If you prefer not to drive, we can also provide you with a driver, allowing for a relaxed chauffeur driven experience, still with all of the fun.

Our Toyota 4x4 expedition trucks are immaculately prepared for your Peru Overland Adventure. With smooth and powerful 3.0 turbo diesel engines, and a host of special expedition accessories, your Peru self drive holiday couldn't start with a better suited vehicle. Take on the Desert and the high Andes on the trail to Machu Picchu and the Amazon with our easy to drive and capable four wheel drive legends.

Our Vehicles have been specially prepared by Firewheels in Lima. They have been involved in various DAKAR rally projects and are renowned for their expertise in overland vehicle preparation.  In addition to the fitted expedition equipment on each vehicle, our guide vehicle carries;

Oxygen/ 1st aid kits / fire extinguishers / GPS navigation / i-Sat Satellite Telephone & Data Hub /Emergency Lighting / Emergency Battery pack / 2 Way Radio / Air Jack / Bush Tracks / Recovery Equipment / Sand Shovel / Bush Axe / Additional Water / ARB 60 ltr Expedition Fridge & Freezer.

***Please note no smoking within the vehicles. All our vehicles are 5 speed manual transmission (diesel), and accommodate 4 persons.

About the Route

If you really do not enjoy driving, then this holiday may not be for you.

Time at the wheel is variable dependent on road conditions and weather etc. However, for each day you should calculate around 6 spectacular hours (except Cusco 4 day layover), and we very strongly recommend you split the driving time to avoid fatigue. We will also do plenty photo, picnic, and coffee stops along the way.

In Cusco, you will park your vehicle and collect it 3-4 days later (this can vary according to seasons/weather/road conditions), so here, you will enjoy a good rest from the road.

The roads are spectacular, and mainly tarmac, although you will be expected to do some off road driving on some days. It is essential that you have full concentration while driving, and any time you feel tired, wish to stop, would like a “brew break” or just want to stretch your legs and take some photos, we would urge you to let us know. We are happy to oblige.

The areas we visit are extremely remote and have very limited medical facilities. If you are in any doubt, please consult your Doctor prior to travel and ensure to have a good stock of any medications you need.

Landslides, rock falls, overflowing rivers, and fallen trees can all cause issues and delays, which are in integral part of the Peruvian driving experience, and comes from the breath-taking routes that some of these roads follow.

Our guide vehicle will always be at the head of the convoy and in radio contact at all times. Our guides are always available to take over if you feel tired, or are not confident with any small section of the route. We are happy to assist in this respect. If a guide is requested to take over driving completely (i.e.) longer than 4hrs in any day, a daily charge of £120 per day would apply.

About Luggage and Gear

We recommend travelling as light as possible for your Peru trip. There are a couple of reasons for this. You will need to carry luggage a short distance from the vehicles to the accommodation at some of our night stops, and space in the rear and cab of the vehicles is obviously limited. Not having too much luggage will make your travelling more comfortable, and we recommend one main soft bag with handle and wheels, and one small backpack or hand luggage per person. We do not recommend hard shell suitcases. Light trousers or shorts, and a fleece are a comfortable way to travel in the vehicles.

About Gratuities

It is customary to tip 10-15% for services in Peru, and this applies in hotels and restaurants. Please bear in mind staff are often on very low wages by European standards (your room maid for example), and most do a fantastic job.

Packing Tips:
  • Valid Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water sandals such as Crocs
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Fleece
  • Travel Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera (waterproof case is useful)
  • Batteries for any electronics
  • Travel Insurance Document
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sun block and sun glasses
  • Sunhat
  • Small Flashlight & Batteries
  • Swimsuit
  • Binoculars for wildlife
  • Basic medical Kit and medications you need
  • International adaptor (Peru is 220v 2 pin) and chargers for electronics
  • Music (CD, USB, or Bluetooth Device for in car entertainment)


The School at Tarma

Our family have, for many years supported the local school next to our base, at the Hacienda Santa Maria. Despite difficult conditions and serious lack of resources they do great work with the local children’s education.

The staff and children there are always delighted to receive any unwanted paper, pens, or educational materials. If you find a little space in your bag, please feel free to donate something inexpensive but vitally useful to the kids at Tarma, and enjoy the smile in return!


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Tips and Help with Peru 4x4 Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving - its challenging and its fun. Every journey becomes and adventure when you have hills to climb, rivers to cross, and mud to crawl through. Remember, the Dakar rally is now run in South America, such is the diversity and challenge of the terrain.

We travel through three distinct climate zones on your Peru expedition, and the techniques that apply in the desert, don’t apply in the mountains, so there is no simple universal set of rules to off-roading. Rather a set of recommendations that you apply to each terrain type.

In each case, much is down to what is best described as “feel”, and sympathy with what the car is doing, as well as an appreciation of what’s around you. Golden rule; if in any doubt, stop, get out and walk it first! It’s far better to check on foot first.

Many folks who take our trip are experienced off road drivers. Just as many have absolutely no experience at all. In both cases, you will thoroughly enjoy the off road driving we will do during your adventure in Peru, but don’t expect a Dakar rally!

More often than not the off road sections in Peru are done in spectacular scenery and in warm weather, which always helps the happy factor!

If you feel apprehensive about going off road, please don’t. We will never rush you, our guides are always on hand to help and advise, and our guide vehicle is always there to rescue you if you get stuck. It’s just a matter of taking your time and getting help if you need it.

BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) is a leading organisation specializing in Off Road Training Events. All Training is delivered by BORDA Specialist Trainers who have passed rigorous assessments. There are several levels of training for off road driving at authorized venues throughout the UK. They will be happy to take you for a short one day course with a view to preparing you for what you might find in Peru and you can book using this link

We use a good training centre in Crewe, Cheshire for our Land Rover Camper ( clients in the UK, and can happily put you in touch to arrange a suitable training session prior to your Peru adventure holiday. Jim Johnson the head instructor will soon have you mud-plugging with the best of them! He can be contacted through and all our clients get 10% off course prices.

None of the off-road driving we do is particularly difficult, (we love our cars and like them to look loveable too!) but if you do feel apprehensive a day with a BORDA instructor will take away any concerns, so please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Some of the techniques you will put into practice in Peru are;

  • Hill climbing
  • Hill descents
  • Mud and Rut Driving
  • Crossing Gullies
  • Rock Crawling
  • Wading in Rivers
  • Sand Driving

Before going off road your guide will give you a details briefing and instruction on how to use the Toyotas 4x4 system and the low ratio gears, as well as tips and advice for each of the above scenarios. In particular, desert driving requires a style off road driving that will help you keep you going in the deep stuff and involves keeping up momentum and speed.

Why not take one of our stunning Defender Campers out for a fun weekend in the UK to get used to large 4x4 vehicles before your Peru Expedition ? Click onto for details or call us on 01257 254929. E -mail to reserve.

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Check out our Peru essentials guide for your passport to adventure.

Lima has great direct flights from all over the world and is one of South Americas busiest hubs. You can fly direct from the USA, Canada, and Europe with ease, and there are various carriers and lots of options. LATAM connects to Northern America, while from Europe, we recommend flying KLM/Air France or British Airways. They offer easy direct flights from Amsterdam/Paris/London to Lima. Flight costs range from £460-950 GBP depending on the time of year and how soon you reserve. You can view current rates by clicking onto the below link and entering the relevant dates . Alternatively, use Skyscanner- Our clients are responsible for booking their own flights and we meet at Lima airport, where our guide and private transfer service will be waiting to take us to the hotel for the first night. Our flight partner will assist you if you don't wish to book your own flights and prefer someone else to search for the best options. Please just ask us.

Our guide vehicle will travel with you throughout the trip, and will provide back up and communication services, along with local liaison. Accommodation will comprise of a mix of 3-5 star mountain lodge/hotel accommodation with most food and non- alcoholic drinks included , as well as transfers.



A reminder of things to bring for your Peru / Galapagos adventure ...
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Drivers Licence
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water sandals such as Crocs
  • Fleece & Waterproof Jacket
  • Water Bottle
  • Water Purifying Tablets
  • Camera (waterproof case is useful)
  • Batteries for any electronics
  • Travel Insurance Document
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sun block and sun glasses
  • Sunhat
  • Small Flashlight & Batteries
  • Swimsuit
  • Binoculars for wildlife
  • Basic medical kit and any medications you need
  • International adapter (Peru is 220v, 2 pin)
  • Music (USB, CD, or Bluetooth Device) for in car entertainment unit

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There are 32 distinct weather patterns in the world; Peru has 28 of them, so best be prepared.  May to October is generally considered the dry season in the Peruvian Moun­tains and Jungle, however it can be cool and misty on the Peruvian coast at this time of year. Altitude means that even within the tropics it can be very cold high up (above 2000m) – bring warm clothes and lighter clothes for lower, more tropical parts of the tour. Temperatures can range from close to freezing in the highlands to around 35 ̊C in the tropical lowlands. On arrival in high altitude areas you should drink plenty of water and not do overly strenuous activity until acclimatized.



Peru possesses a mix of both Colonial European and Indigenous Cultures. Indigenous groups generally form the poorer part of society, and there is sometimes tension regarding these inequalities. Spanish is almost universally spoken, with the Indigenous Languages of Quechua, Aymara and other languages used within ethnic groups. Peru has a rich and often tragic history and is very much a land of extremes, meaning you will find it a world apart from the culture you are used to.

Culture in peru


A wide range of delicious dishes are available throughout Peru. One of the countries most famous dishes is ceviche, a fish dish marinated in Lemon Juice and fresh seafood is fabulous in Peru. Peru is also the home of the potato. In the mountains an excellent potato based dish to try is papa a la huancaina, potatoes topped with a spicy cheese sauce. Meats here are also excellent and usually barbecued. A wide variety of soups are available as well as a wide range of international dishes in larger cities.



Don’t drink tap water and take care in more rural/rustic locations with uncooked vegetables/salads– We supply bottled water. Consult your doctor for the latest advice regarding re­gional health risks/immunisations. Although generally safe, always be aware of the possibilities of theft/robbery – consult local staff for further information and on measures to prevent altitude related health issues.

scenery in Peru

View a little more about some of the PERU locations you will be visiting ...

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Please note, our live GPS tracking system operates only when we are on tour in Peru. Its fun to follow your friends and family on their Peru Overland Adventure, and check out any photos posted along route on Facebook or the website blog.