Over 50 Travel

Over 50 travel to Peru is our speciality

Most tour companies will send you to Peru. We go with you.

Our tours are safe, exciting, and fun for senior travellers.

Over 60% of our clients are 50+

Enjoy the independence of your own self drive 4x4 expedition vehicle with the backup of an expert UK guide and safety / guide vehicle throughout the trip. What that means is you get all of the adventure, with all of the expertise and local knowledge on hand.

Over 50 Travel
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Over 50 travel

Not everyone wants to hike and camp the Inca trail, climb 5000 meter peaks, or ride buses with 30 gap year students, (as fun as all those activities are!). For over 50's travel, a slightly different set of priorities apply, which is why over 60% of our clients are over 50 and choose the unique Peru Safari way to see this most vibrant of South American countries.

Irrespective of age, we all want real adventure and authentic experiences. We offer the true Peru, well off the beaten tourist track, and the opportunity to soak up the rich culture, history and raw scenery that is Peru.

Yes, we want to see Machu Picchu, Nazca, and the Sacred Valley. However, Peru for many is a once in a lifetime experience, so we also want to experience so much more. Local markets, delightful Andean villages, friendly locals and amazing food all make for a very different trip than many so called "adventure tours".

The Deserts, the Andes and the Jungles of Peru offer a such a rich mix of culture and wildlife, that the discerning client interested in over 50 travel cannot help but be in awe of the sheer scale of it all. Our tours take you deep into the unexplored and most remote areas of Peru, as well as the must do highlights, that you simply cannot miss.

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Over 50s travel

Peru Safari offers mature travellers the chance to get out there, and experience a Peru that most tourists can only dream of, with the all the independence and comfort that our amazing 4x4 expedition vehicles offer (either self drive or with a driver).  You can have equal amounts of fun in Peru irrespective of age, in a spacious and comfortable private vehicle while enjoying access to locations that few will ever experience. There is no need to pay a fortune or shortcut on luxury-adventure doesn't have to be uncomfortable!
Machu Picchu
Our expert UK guides and backup safety vehicle are with you from the moment you land in Peru. Throughout the trip, we always travel with group sizes 4-8 guests, making our trips exclusive for over 50 travel. We are small, friendly, flexible, and we operate every facet of the tour from the moment you call us. We are small family business and we care passionately about customer service, before, during and after your Peru Adventure.
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Rafting in Apurimac
We know Peru, we specialize only in Peru, we own the vehicles in Peru, we operate our own Haciendas in Peru, and we can offer locations and experiences that no other tour company can. Why, because we are a very specialized company, and by the way...we are all over 50! We believe that's a really good thing because we enjoy our tours as much as you do.
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The Peru Safari team are entirely unique as we join you on the journey, from the moment you contact us, to the time you book with us, to your arrival at Lima airport, and throughout your whole Peru adventure and beyond.

Our family owns two of the delightful Hacienda properties we visit in the Andes, and we have selected all the properties we stay at for their stunning locations or unique hitorical charm. We avoid making a beeline for generic hotel chains, preferring instead character and authenticity. We use our family connections and experience and ensure you get the very best value for money for everything you choose to do in Peru.

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