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Our 15 night or 7 night tours are an amazing way to see the best of Peru within a set time frame. We have selected what we believe to be the most enjoyable and exciting sights, sounds, and experiences that Peru has to offer. Read a review in 4x4 Magazine of our Private Bespoke Tours Read

Our Galapagos add on offers even more flexibility and options to your itinerary. Peru however serves up so many amazing sites, over such a large geographical area, that one could not hope to cover it all in a little over two weeks. This is where our PRIVATE Peru tour option comes in.

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Therefore, you may want to customize your Peru experience by spending more time at key locations. You could enjoy relaxing down time on the Northern beaches or in the Amazon jungle, sail Lake Titicaca, or go trekking for 3-4 days on the Inca trail into the Andes. You could even follow the exciting Dakar rally from Peru through Bolivia and Argentina.


Well, the good news is that’s no problem at all on one of our tailor made itineraries.

We provide the logistics, the drivers, the vehicles and the guides, as well as delightful accommodations and cuisine. You tell us exactly what you would like to do, and for how long, and we will do the rest!


Our UK tour team are uniquely placed to expertly craft a holiday for you to exactly suit your timings, routing, and requirements. What’s more, because we are a small specialist, and we own and operate our own Peru operations, we can put together a fantastic private itinerary faster, and at less cost than our competitors. You will also enjoy the bonus of a personalized and high quality service that also brings great advice and an in depth knowledge of Peru and the Galapagos.

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Just send us an e mail or call us with an outline of what you would like, and we will put together a suggested private Peru tour, along with a no obligation quote for your ideal vacation adventure in Peru.

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