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peru Safari Review

Wow, just returned from a two week tour around Peru with Paul et al. When they say that this is an adventure, they are not exaggerating. This is a fantastic way for people who love to drive, to see a beautiful country from off the beaten track.

Although a popular tourist destination, Peru is much more than the requisite Macchu Picchu, Cusco and Lima. Although these places are must-see places, it is not the sum of Peru. Peru Safari took us to amazing places not visited by most tourists. We picnicked at remote archeological sites drenched in history.

We drove through tiny villages perched precariously on the sides of steep mountains. Saw fields of crops planted on slopes so steep one wondered how a billy goat could climb it let alone a human being. 

The accommodations on this trip vary widely in terms of level of luxury, with the Lima and Cusco hotels obviously being the most luxurious. However, what the other accommodations lacked in luxury (constant electricity, decent water pressure), they gained in representing the true Peru. They all had something special to make the stay unique. Whether it was spectacular views, remarkable food, awesome ‘chilcanos’, peacocks in the garden, the guinea pig barn, the in-house chapel, the roaring fire at the end of a long day. And always, always, warm, friendly , people. Each place was special and welcoming.
And what about our guides? Paul, Hans and Percy – their laid back, easy going attitude made the day to day logistics look effortless – which of course they weren’t. They were a fabulous team that was always attentive without being intrusive. Paul’s rendition of Julio Iglesias is side splitting. Hans is a bona fide hero- willing to dive into the frigid waters of a raging river to recover a lost shoe. And Percy, saved our convoy on a daily basis by bearing the brunt of crazy Peruvian truckers.

In summary, a fabulous trip for the driving enthusiast who doesn’t want to follow the typical tourist path. Highly, highly recommended.

Karron & Nigel Maidment (September 2017 Peru Overland)

Topanga, California.

Peru Safari Review

Peru Safari Review

For our 30th wedding anniversary, my wife Dawn and I decided to cross an item off our “bucket list” while we were still reasonably young and able to do it. The item selected was “Machu Picchu”, so as the family vacation planner, I started my research sometime last fall. While gathering the typical flight and sightseeing info to plan the trip, I stumbled across an article on “adventure tourism” and that’s how we found Peru Safari. When I showed the itinerary and activities to Dawn, she was a little wary. “That’s a lot of time in a truck,” was one of the first things she said. But we’re so glad to have pushed our collective boundaries to embark on a Peruvian adventure of a lifetime in September 2017. We did and saw things only possible by traveling on and off-road into the real, authentic Peru.
The days were full of adventure! Sometimes we weren’t entirely sure where we were headed, but knew Paul, Hans, and Percy had something fun, interesting, and visually stunning in store. We “sand-boarded”, viewed Inca mummies, flew over the Nasca lines, drove some breath-taking off-road tracks…particularly above the Apurimac Gorge, had our share of Pisco Sours and Chilcanos in Cusco (ok, we had them everywhere), rafted the Urabamba River class 2 and 3 rapids, took the Vista Dome train to Machu Picchu, hiked Huayna Picchu, visited un-excavated Inca sites, saw vicunyas, llamas, and alpacas, traveled into the jungle to visit several water falls, and so much more!
Our little group of six were well taken care of from the first day briefing at the hotel in Lima, until our final drop off at the Lima airport. Our comfort, safety and satisfaction were always of primary concern for our 3 guides.
The Toyota HILUX Peru Safari trucks were well maintained, and any issues that arose with a clutch or tires were dealt with promptly. Those vehicles were our daily “homes” and we maneuvered them safely through a variety of terrain, altitudes, and road conditions…all in relative comfort, and always feeling safe in our incredibly versatile and durable truck named “Nina”.
The accommodations ranged from very nice hotels to family-owned private haciendas that you’d only be able to visit (or even find) by booking this tour. Our food and water supply was good with no major tummy issues reported by either of us the entire trip. We ate a lot of chicken, beef, fresh fruits, and veggies (plus Pringles and lemon candies).
During our 15-day tour, we experienced the amazing bio-diversity of Peru’s many climates from Pacific desert, to high desert, to mountain glaciers, to the humid rain forest buzzing with cicadas. We saw authentic Peruvian towns and villages, with its humble, friendly people still living in tune with and close to nature as their ancestors have done for centuries. We also maneuvered some insane driving conditions that can only be described as “aggressive” and lacking in basic rules of the road. But hey…it’s Peru and it comes with the territory. The driving itself was an important part of the adventure. While stressful at times and requiring undivided attention, by the end we had the on and off-road driving pretty well figured out. But a word of caution…if you don’t like to drive and don’t feel confident maneuvering a vast array of driving conditions both on and off-road…this tour probably isn’t for you.
In conclusion, we can’t thank Paul, Hans (and Chawpi), and Percy enough for the care, expertise, knowledge, and hospitality as they introduced us to the Peru they know and love, which now lives in our hearts as well.

Kurt and Dawn Frohlich
Sept/Oct 2017
Pilots of “Nina”

We went in on the April 2017 Peru Overland.

When ever I am asked "what was your holiday in Peru like?" I have two answers... first one is "it was an adventure, not a holiday". Second it....IT WAS EPIC!

Paul and Hans are great hosts, fun, knowledgeable, resourceful...and great at karaoke! Paul's Mick Jagger impression in the wee small hours is a memory that will stay with us for a long time!

As others have said, this is not a holiday....you drive through stunning scenery, meet great people and stay in some amazing and interesting places. Some seriously dodgy roads and driving standards means that you do need to be a confident driver.

Both Sue and I would like to thank Paul and Hans for being excellent hosts and for delivering an experience that will stay with us for a long time....still dealing with the post Peru blues.

Finally..top tip...stick to two Pisco Sours an evening..3 is just wrong!

Peru Safari Review

Mark & Susan Steers, Peru Overland April 2017


Peru Safari-Simply Put, Just Epic

It really is a true adventure.
From Lima to the Desert, to the Nazca lines, to the Andes, to Cusco and Machu Picchu, to the Jungle, everyday has something that is simply amazing.
Paul and the team we’re great hosts throughout and even managed to find time to bust some pretty fancy moves on the dance floor ☺
Just awesome...

Deb & Richard Parr, Peru Overland April 2017